Who we are

CrossLinks International Publishers—the home of quality—offers a full range of pre-submission manuscript preparation services to polish and perfect your manuscript. Our goal is to make the process of manuscript preparation as easy as possible for all our authors saving you a valuable time and energy. We provide international platform for researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, managers, doctors, and professors involved in all streams of research with the purpose of publishing high-quality research and review papers. We offers research papers, authentic surveys, and review papers by researchers from various fields and facilitates communication between distinguished individuals who have significantly contributed to the development of the research community. The content includes original research and innovative applications from all streams of knowledge, including science, business, medicine, technology, and sociology, and thus promotes better insights into the state of philosophy and the latest trends in technology

Corporate Responsibility Our Values

Crosslinks International Publishers combines thoughtful research proficiency with innovative technology to convey vital information to expert decision makers around the globe. It is progressively more imperative to express to all that we carry out our responsibility in a responsible way.

Corporate Ethics:

i. Researchers, scientists, engineers, and other respectable personalities associated with us are the spirit of the whole thing. ii. Publication is worldwide. iii. Unmatched Research Material Availability. iv. Performance matters. We are focusing on desired behaviors that will line up our expert manner to these ethics.

Our Corporate

Responsibility is about considering how a business’ operations force its monetary base line, its association with communities and people at large, and its connection with the natural environmental – while identifying conduct by which it can repeatedly spotlight on the requirements and priorities of its key stakeholders, to capitalize on the benefits of in charge trade practice and reduce its depressing impacts. The journals published by us present unpublished materials selected papers with exceptional review, at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Conduct and Ethics CrossLinks International

I. Code of Business Conduct and Ethics CrossLinks International Publishers has a Strategy of Publications and Principles. Reflecting our principled values as an association and our approach to doing these, the Code contains imperative association policies while providing examples of what the policies signify, when to pose questions, where to go for assistance, and why principled conduct is so essential to us. The Peer Review Board, through the Association Group is being updated yearly concerning performance in gathering the Code and its linked policies.


We will place it as a main concern to publish, review and quantify our performance, delivered as part of a global assortment program. Our people reproduce the multiplicity of many cultures and perspectives. We are clear by the exclusive talents and insights of our staff who work collaboratively to offer intellectual, integrated information and systems. Moreover, we consider that multiplicity is a core business driver of the expansion we search for in business. In order to give spotlight to our diversity efforts we will review, quantify and publish our performance alongside our diversity program therefore delivering a culture that values difference, open discussion and honest response.

Community Impact

We will bring a vigorous program of community and communal support including fundamentals such as a time off to volunteer and award giving programs. Working in enterprise with community organizations and charities, we know that our people can offer precious support by committing time, proficiency, skills and assets in the communities in which we work, which can at the same time construct their own skills and responsiveness of social issues. We are committed to using our expert knowledge, information, expertise and resources to develop vigorous programs to help individuals, families and communities reach their full prospective. We will execute a range of programs in accord with our Community Support Policy which will integrate the work of CrossLinks International Publishers

Responsible Sourcing

As experience matters, the overall conduct and principled standards that guide Global Journals reproduce our values as a firm and our approach to doing publication. We expect CrossLinks International Publishers suppliers to abide by and exhibit obligation to equal standards to CrossLinks International Publishers.

Environment, Health and Safety

CrossLinks International Publishers will work in a way which minimizes any undesirable impact of our operations, products and services on the surroundings, the communal strength and the industrial health and protection of our staff and visitors. We publish, review and quantify our performance aligned with an Environmental and a Health & Safety (EHS) Strategy. We deal with our environmental responsibilities throughout the implementation of pertinent policies, by the irresistible digital nature of our products, the stipulation of environmental news, the lessening of our own use of resources, and the activities of our employees.

Our Clients

We ensure that clientele will be the heart of our thoughts, providing novel solutions to their publication needs and recognizing our obligations in maintaining client associations together with data confidentiality. CrossLinks International Publishers is dedicated to the stipulation of correct information. Further, private information, including client data, must be secured at all times. Our Code of Business Conduct and Beliefs sets out how such information is defended. We identify the significance of engaging with our clientele and will set up programs through which clientele can connect in an open environment, and from which we can recognize their requirements.


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CrossLinks International Publishers is a scholarly open access publishing platform and is dedicated to provide researchers and the institutes a unique opportunity for disseminating their Organizations / Institutes interested to launch a new journal and publishers intended to transfer existing journals. We are also offering services to nonprofit institutions, especially those in developing countries, for wider distribution of their existing contents. CrossLinks International Publishers aims to expand its open access publishing portfolio in all disciplines of science and technology